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What our community has to say


Forex Trader

I have been trading forex for a while and I found Bonsai to be the best. The scripts have a ton of features that are easy to set up and use, their customer service team will take care of your needs quickly.


Crypto Trader

Bonsai is the best trading tools suite. I've been using it for a couple of months and can't imagine living without it. Bonsai generates the best signals of the market and still very affordable!


Crypto & Forex

I've been interested in trading for a while but didn't know how to read the market. The scripts and charts in Bonsai made everything much easier for me. Now I am trading as I learn.



First, I made bad decisions based on obsolete signals. I can make wise decisions with Bonsai's real-time signals. Customer assistance is great if I get stuck. Therefore 5 stars.


TradingView is a web service and social network for traders, with a platform for technical analysis. TradingView is available with a paid subscription, and with a limited free version. To use Bonsai tools you will need a valid TradingView account (paid or free) in order to attach indicators or strategies in your charts.

Because we employ Bonsai tools in our trades, you can be confident that they are regularly updated and adapted to market fluctuations. Scripts create the alerts automatically. It is difficult to acquire profitable signals 100% of the time, but we work extremely hard to ensure that the signals are constantly up to date and consistent enough to use.

If somebody claims to be able to guarantee a profit on each deal, you should be very concerned. Our algorithms, while viable, are not always 100% accurate. The best method to ensure a successful trading is to use Bonsai tools in conjunction with your trading judgment and a sound risk management strategy.

No. All of our indicators and strategies are thoroughly tested before being released and will not repaint. Read more about repainting.

After your payment has been validated, we will add your TradingView username to the "Invite-Only" access list on all trading tools, send an invitation to the Telegram group and Discord server (VIP channel for Trader plan).

Please allow us up to 24 hours after your payment has been validated to grant you access to all TradingView trading tools and extra features.

Because we provide a free trial for 7 days, we do not have a refund option available. You are welcome to run a free trial of Bonsai to determine whether or not it meets your needs. All payments are final.

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